As you can see, my dryer vents 'were' a mess. I was not the original owner of my condo so
    the vents probably had never been cleaned. My condo is 18 years old so they sure did need
    cleaning. I was a bit skeptical because I have a top floor unit in my development but Damien
    from Macks Home Services came to my house and did a professional job.

    It used to take 2 hours (120 minutes) to dry a load of towels or sheets in my dryer.  Now it
    takes just 45 minutes.  My clothes come out quicker, fluffier and with less lint then ever.  
    Damien was very knowledgeable about the dangers of not cleaning your dryer vents.   He
    even provided some me with safety of knowing that with his cleaning services my house will
    have less chance of fire and mold.  I didn’t know that moisture got caught in the dryer vents,
    well he pulled out a piece of lint that was not only wet but rather rank in odor, so I am a
    believer that this service is for the best.  

    Damien provides cleaning from the inside of the dryer to the outside vent.  So you can say
    he cleans from the inside out.  He also made me realize just how much lint my dryer screen
    doesn’t trap.  With his trusty blower and wire brush the lint that was removed from the dryer
    screen area was amazing.    

    I want to say thank you to Damien for a job well done and I will be sure to use him again for
    not only my dryer vent cleaning but for all my vents in the house.

    Thanks for a job well done,
    Satisfied Customer,
    Shelly Bazensky
    Bedford Commons Condos




    I found Damien of Macks Home Services to be courteous, friendly, and punctual.  So far he
    has cleaned my vents, my windows, my carpets, and most recently my car.  He does a great
    job on all of the above, and is proud of the results.  My neighbors agree with this assess-
    ment, and I will continue to use his services.  

    Thanks ,
    Mary Chrisley

    I will let everyone that I know know the importance of cleaning their ducts.  

    My sister-in-law referred me to Damien for cleaning my ducts.  He is very knowledgeable about
    his business and loves to give helpful tips.  I even took a picture to show family and friends the
    before and after to let them see how much lint can build up over a period of years... not a
    pleasant site.  It is important to keep your ducts clean for safety and health reasons.  My dryer
    wasn't heating very well.  After my ducts and the dryer filter was cleaned the dryer was back to
    it's normal heating capacity.  I am very satisfied with Mack's Home Services and will be using
    the service when I have to clean them again.  

    Thank you Damien for doing a superb job,
    Paulette Williams

    If when choosing cleaning services, factors such as helpfulness, responsiveness, and
    timeliness are valuable to you, choosing Mack's Home Services is the best choice.

    I am a repeat customer of Mack's Home Services.  I have been a customer now for several
    years.  This is attributed to the fact that Damien provides exceptional, timely,  quality cleaning
    services.  Whether it's carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, leather furniture cleaning, hauling,
    or having all of my house vents cleaned, he has paid attention to detail and has exceeded
    normal customer expectations.  I've found that he is a knowledgeable subject matter expert
    who truly values his customers.  
    I have been satisfied with the services he has provided.  I use Mack's Home Services several
    times throughout the year.  I highly recommend his company.   

    Thanks ,
    S Galloway

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