Mini Blind Cleaning

    Does this sound like you?  
    "My mini blinds in the kitchen are dirty.  I have tried cleaning and vacuuming
    them on a regular basis  but they are still dirty.  Does anyone have an idea
    how to clean them?"  

    There is nothing worse than dusty mini blinds!  Plus what a pain to clean..
    Especially in the kitchen where grease builds up!  Let Mack's Home Services
    take care of it!  

       We will clean out all of your mini blinds!!  We will meticulously clean EACH slat..   
   cleaning the dust and grime off of your mini blinds.. leaving them clean and
   just like new.   So if your mini blinds are always disgusting with dust and other
  debris... call:

410-365-0517 or Toll Free 1-800-755-6085