Is your House Making You Sick?
Is the Air You Breathe In Your Home
Making You Sick?
Important Facts About Indoor Air Quality And
Your Family's Health

If you check yes to any of the
following questions, it may be
time to have your air duct
system professionally cleaned.

Does anyone in the house have
allergies, asthma, or other
respiratory problems?

Does anyone in your family suffer
from headaches, nasal
congestion, or other sinus
problems at night or in the

Is there a smoker in the house?

Do you have dogs, cats, or other

Do you notice 'musty' or 'stale'
odors when the furnace or air
conditioner runs?

Do you notice dust on your
furniture shortly after cleaning?

Does it seem like there is not
enough air flow coming from your

Is your furnace equipped only
with a standard throw-away
fiberglass filter?

    The following are facts that have
    been determined by recognized
    authorities in the fields of health
    and air quality:

    Most people spend 60% to 90% of
    their time indoors. (American
    Lung Association)

    Many illnesses are either caused
    by, or aggravated by polluted
    indoor air.

    The levels of some hazardous
    pollutants in indoor air have
    been found to be up to 70 times
    greater than in outdoor air.

    Studies have shown that two out
    of three indoor air quality
    problems involve the HVAC

    More than 50 million AmerIcans
    suffer from allergies or asthma.

    Respiratory irritants can circulate
    within the ducts and enter the
    room through the registers (ALA
    Health Home)
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